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Wastewater treatment

The common development mantra, "No perc, no house" is challenged on a daily basis by Lash Engineering.  Although the soil on your property may not be ideal for a septic system,  your land can still be developed. 

Lash Engineering innovates independent waste water modifications that can help make your dream home possible.  We are proud to be one of few civil engineering firms in the state of NC able to provide this service effectively.  If there's not an obvious way, we will do our best to find it.  
While taking your development needs into consideration, we also ensure that your system will not harm life in the surrounding environment. 

land development

Before development can begin, our engineers design the layouts of subdivisions, office parks, shopping centers, and other types of projects. This is principally in order to minimize negative impact on the land as well as its surrounding environment.

Specifically, land development includes placement of buildings, parking lots, houses driveways, sidewalks, natural areas, and other features. We ensure that the design will satisfy legal requirements by maintaining contact with city and state governments as a part of our process.

No  matter your development goals may be, you can trust us to design the best use of your project.

stormwater Treatment          

As land is developed, local creeks and springs are replaced by buildings and parking lots.   As a result, natural water runoff is quickened and increased with oils, solids and litter that pollute the receiving creeks.  It is our responsibility to prevent consequential environmental damage, such as erosion, flooding, and "people contamination".
At Lash Engineering, we embrace this responsibility by innovating optimal storm water systems based on the needs of the site.  Commercial, industrial, and residential projects alike require innovative, unique and cost effective stormwater systems.
In 2007, Michael Lash, PE premiered the use of bioretention basins in the state of NC with the Colony at Williams Pond office park.   Many of our stormwater management systems now feature filters, spillways, and multiple basins in order to reduce and cleanse the adverse affects from stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces before it is released into the soil.